Starr Boxers

If you are interested in a puppy please drop us an email or a phone call.  If we don't have any we'd be more than happy to help you find a reputable breeder that has puppies or put you on our list for our next litter.  Please don't hesitate to contact us!

CH Cachet's Thief in the Night x TuRo'x Onyx Starr litter

Starr's Mirage of TuRo



 Jade at 7 weeks                                        Jade at 7 weeks                                              


Jade at 4 months                                                           Jade at 4 months

We are excited to say that Jade will be staying with our family!  Check back to see what she accomplishes as she grows and starts her show career!

Starr's Marauder of TuRo


Flash at 7 weeks                                    Flash at 7 weeks                                                   

               Flash at 4 1/2 months                                                   Flash at 4 1/2 months

Flash's wonderful personality and great conformation have made him too hard to part with so he is now a perminant member of our family!  Be sure to check back to see what the future has in store for him!


TuRo's Motif of Starr


 Sophie at 7 weeks                              Sophie at 7 weeks  

 Sophie at 11 weeks                                 Sophie at 11 weeks             

Sophie at 13 weeks                                                   

Sophie is enjoying being being shown and loved on in her perminant home in Mexico!                

 TuRo's Mystique of Starr



Shayna is missing!  She is now 3 yrs old and would look just like her mother, Lexie.  She was lost in the Newington CT area.  If anyone has any information about Shayna please contact us!  Thank You!!


Shayna 7weeks                                      Shayna 7 weeks                                              

 Shayna 11 weeks                                  Shayna 11 weeks                                                                                  

Shayna 13 weeks                                                  Shayna 13 weeks                                                  


 Shayna 13 weeks                                                  

Shayna is at her new home in Conneticut with the Wooley family. Look for Shayna in the show ring in hte near future.  These are pictures with her new family!!

Shayna has been missing since June '08, please contact us if you have any information. These pictures are of Shayna at around 6 months of age She would be full grown now.




Starr's Mischief of TuRo



 Minie at 7 weeks                                                Minie at 7 weeks               


 Minie at 10 weeks                                   Minie at 10 weeks               


 Minie at 13 weeks                                                     

Minie has gone to her new home in Va. and is now called Abby!

Starr's Majesty of Turo



              Spike at 7weeks                                     Spike at 7 weeks                                  Spike at 7 weeks


Spike  lives with his new family in Philadelphia Pa and his name is now Rocky!


Starr's Magnum of TuRo



Mr "U" at 7 weeks                            Mr "U" at 7 weeks                                            


 Mr "U" at 10 weeks                                                    Mr "U" at 10 weeks

Mr U lives with his new family in New York!  His name is now Ziggy and he has a new big brother who is a boxer also!